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4% LIHTC and Bond Application Dates

How to Apply for LIHTC

To apply for the Low Income Housing Tax Credit, walk through these steps. 

Step 1: Create an account in our portal. We’ll ask for your name, email address, and you’ll create a password to login with later. 

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Step 2: Choose the applicable application form to fill out.

Step 3: Fill out the application.


CRANE stands for Collaborative Resource Allocation for Nebraska. The focus and primary purpose of CRANE is to target specific housing and community development strategies that involve coordinated job creation, enhancement, and economic growth.

Together, NIFA and other collaborating resource providers will work with communities and neighborhoods, who have joined with for profit and non-profit entities that commit to participate in the CRANE Program, as well as other public and private resource providers. The partnership between resource providers and applicants will be formed for the strategic placement of comprehensive housing, job, and community development resources into Nebraska communities and neighborhoods that are ready and prepared to move forward on a pre-developed strategy.

The CRANE Program utilizes a three-tier process: 

1. Applicants must submit an email to NIFA with a brief description of the development that includes how the development is CRANE eligible.  

2. After NIFA reviews the email, if the initial purpose and description of the project appear to be eligible, we’ll ask the applicant to submit the CRANE application and all required supporting information via the online funding application system, along with a nonrefundable CRANE Application Fee of $500 which must be received in NIFA’s office at the time the CRANE Application is submitted to NIFA. 

3. NIFA will notify the applicant if their application meets all the requirements. Then, the eligible applicant must submit a completed Application for 9% LIHTCs via the online funding application system and the LIHTC Application fee must be received in NIFA’s office on or prior to the time periods specified by NIFA (as outlined in the LIHTC Allocation Plan for 9% LIHTCs and AHTCs).  

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